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At last the day is coming. I'm admitted that time goes so fast.
Many things I had experience in this community.
Some was made me sad but some was made me happy too.
But the most important is I'm learning to depend on God.
I realize that may be some time I was made our brothers or sisters angry.
My saying or something that I'm doing wrong.
So with all my respect, I'm apologizing to all of you.
I have some nick name.
To Pastor Kang, I call him Mr. Good Morning because every time we met, he always sad Good Morning Lucky.
I know I did not know much about Pastor Kang, but I felt Pastor Kang loves me.
Thank you Pastor Kang for your greeting, this is gave me more spirit.
To Mr. Jon, I called him Mr. Love because he always love me, he always doing like thisemoticon.
When I met him, I thought he is a cruel man, because he had a big body, big voice and big hand, compared with me.
But I knew now that in the bottom of his heart, he had a big love.
Thank you Mr. Jon.
To Mr. Yang, I called him Mr. Fighting, Event he did not speak English, his word always made me to fight.
Thank you Mr. Yang because you always push me. Fighting!
To Mrs. Kim, I called her Mrs. Korea because she always taught me Korean language; she never bored to teach me.
I'm happy because we can sing together. Thank you Mrs. Kim.
To Mr. Kim I called him Mr. Quiet Time, because he always asked about my quiet time, he made to not forgot quiet time,
Thank you Mr. Kim.
And of course Mr. Jo, he's best translator and teacher.
I called him Mr. Happy Man because he always made me laugh, every time I met him,
I always happy.
And only he called me with loud voice : Lucky yaaa.....
This mean it's break time.
Thank you Mr. Jo because you made me laugh.
I shall not forgot you all, my parents, my teachers, and my best friend.
You will always in my heart.
I hope someday you all can visit Indonesia and don't forget to visit me.
I will always welcome my brothers and sisters.
And finally, please pray for me and our mission in Lampung.
I love you all.
God bless you, thank you.
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